Clients Say

The following are from clients and others:

“Working with Stuart Pearlman during the past decade, for our energy-tech venture capital firm and for several of our portfolio companies, regularly yielded fresh, practical ideas and valuable results consistent with our business goals.” Nancy Floyd, Founder and Managing Director, Nth Power LLC

“Stuart keeps things moving forward. Having worked with him in my prior roles as CFO and CEO of two different publicly held companies, what I found best were fresh thinking, responsiveness and his always making himself available to get the job done.” Rudy Morin, Chief Operating Officer, Gilbertson Investment Management, LLC

“We consistently got innovative ideas and achieved results that more than paid for themselves as we built our business.” Bart Tichelman, former CEO, Serveron Corporation

“Publicity should have a purpose beyond simply getting visibility, and Pearlman understands when to seek it and how to achieve it.” William Krupman, Chairman Emeritus, Jackson Lewis

“Whether it was collaborating on scripts for our investor conference calls, writing technology marketing or financial press releases, or helping draft the letter to shareholders for the annual report, Pearlman helped my team and me to tell our story better.” Ambrose Schwallie, former CEO, Distributed Energy Systems Corp

“Knows what kind of stories or articles to suggest for my publication, and doesn’t bother us with fluff or minutiae.” Robert Peltier, Editor-in-Chief, Power Magazine

“Having worked with Stuart at four companies in four different industries (media, retailing, technology and cosmetic services) where I was a board member or advisor, I found in him a clear and pragmatic understanding of the business, technology and marketing issues, and the financial communications hurdles each company faced in the effort to win customer and investor acceptance.” Ted Schlissel, President, Equity Information Corporation