What We Do
Pioneering energy technology venture capital firm:  Developed messages, platforms, forums and media attention to enable the managing directors to take and maintain their rightful places as leaders in this now-established private equity category.

Largest industrial company in Israel:  Positioned the business and its top executives as worthy stewards of an enterprise that constituted 5% of that nation’s gross domestic product.

Managed mental health care company:  Enabled its research and techniques for measuring outcomes in psychotherapy to be embraced by corporate employee assistance programs, as well as by a broad spectrum of respected professionals in this emerging field.

Diversified, NYSE-listed, brand-name, home furnishings company:  Worked closely with top management to tell the turnaround story and later stave off an unwanted, underpriced takeover offer.

Electric power transformer-monitoring systems company: Called appropriate and credible attention to the aging infrastructure, the need to address its causes and cures and the company’s commitment to improving reliability and “high 9’s” predictability for utilities.

Innovative NYSE-listed retailer: Helped create excitement and Wall Street acceptance for its first – and highly successful – entries into the U.S. mainland of a company best known for its offshore locations.

Small Pacific Island nation: Worked closely with this exotic island nation’s president and his legal, government affairs and marketing teams to maximize media attention and visibility as the country became a member of the United Nations.

Major branded computer peripherals manufacturer: Created opportunities for the CEO to meet and build relationships with major print and broadcast media, generating regular high-quality coverage for its products and its American Depositary Shares.